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Why learning to trade is such an individual journey.

Every person I have ever met has a unique perspective of the world, their experiences, and ultimately their view of life has always differed in one way or another. Sometimes you meet kindred spirits who have similarities to your own observations, but there is always something that is uniquely different. I have found throughout my career that these same personality differences apply in economics and financial markets. How one person trades, is almost always slightly if not entirely different to the next, perhaps it is as simple as everyone having a unique personality and therefore a different perspective on global situations and where opportunities can be observed.

From students of trading I have taught and mentored in the past I have found these theories to be the most apparent. I have taught to students the same methodologies and tried to imbue my own wisdoms onto them to improve their skills and how they may consider trading decisions. Yet they both develop their own style, focusing on the elements that inherently interest them the most, and in some instances interpreting the information on completely different wave lengths; even though the lesson was identical and taught concurrently.

Their exposures to the same varying economic studies have certainly left them with very different ways of trading. In hindsight it could be as simple as each student having studied different elements earlier in time, before my interaction, but they are not the only cases I have found. In my own journey the progression from my early beginnings till now have changed dramatically in how I perceive the world around me and how I observe financial markets.

I have found that trading truly is a unique pathway for each individual, there is no one size fits all approach to teaching or learning how to interpret the markets. The common theme that I have found in copy and paste education programs are that it is incredibly difficult to replicate someone else’s method for interacting with financial markets. Regardless of the approach to entry’s and exits, how that educator views a chart or an economy their perspective will be entirely unique to your own experiences.

The other affliction to trying to copy how some else trades is the ability to carry risk comfortably, some are quite happy with obscene draw downs, being perfectly capable of sleeping at night with open positions. The risk profile of each individual is going to vary dependant on their situations, the serial investor with investment in all categories is likely to be more comfortable with this prospect than the average mum and dad investor who may not be as financially sophisticated.

When it comes to teaching and mentoring would be investors it has always been my intentions to expose them to everything that I have within my own skillsets to show them that no one way is the right way. There is no holy grail of systems or strategies that will make you an overnight millionaire, and it is these misconceptions of easy money that you find hopeful would be investors quickly chewed up and spat back out, usually without the same capital they started with.

As you are a unique individual, it is important to discover your own path. The way I trade will be entirely different to the next investor, who will in turn be very different from your own perceptions. I will try to imbue as much of my wisdom to help you get on your own journey, but it is ultimately up to you if you are to truly succeed.

Treat your trading like a business, dedicate the time to master your profession, and find what truly works for you by trial and error, don’t worry about how others do things, and you will ultimately find success, regardless of the unique path you take.

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