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SVERIGES RIKSBANK: Loans in US dollars every second Thursday from 14 May onwards

The Riksbank decided on 19 March to offer loans of up to USD 60 billion to banks against collateral for a period of up to 18 September 2020.

Five auctions have taken place, the most recent of which on 30 April. The sixth auction will be held on Thursday 14 May at 1400 hours and is for USD 10 billion with a maturity of 3 months.

Between 14 May and the last day of July, the auctions will take place every second Thursday. If the situation in the economy were to change, the auctions could be held more often.

Dollar loans are one of the measures the Riksbank is offering to banks to alleviate the negative effects on the real economy of the coronavirus pandemic.

More information about the forthcoming dollar auctions, general terms and conditions and application forms can be found on the Riksbank’s website. Special terms and conditions will be published no later than two days before each auction on the Riksbank’s website.

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