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Trader thoughts – Traders’ webinar and US earnings announcement 
As many of you are seeing on the platform, there’s been nice move in risk this morning, with S&P500 futures gaining 3.3%, Russell 2000 futures have hit limit up and Asian equities are solid finding buyers. EU and FTSE futures are naturally moving higher and the European equity open looks to be one with green on screen. We’ve also seen crude working nicely, with June WTI crude up 4%, copper +2.4% and risk FX (like AUD, MXN, NOK) outperforming.

Regardless of the asset class, I still feel the US500 is central to the thesis around broad risk and sentiment – On the move today, we’ve broken the 50-day MA today, but the 61.8% fibo and I-cloud looms large and there is much wood to chop here. This could hold a lot of insights into where global markets are going to head in the near-term. On the daily time frame, on this current set-up and flow, there is not much to suggest being positioned any other way than long right now – I am sure many will disagree.

A number of factors are at play here, but at its heart we’ve see Trump announcing the Administrations guidelines for “opening Up America Again” – . However, we’ve also seen good news at a corporate level, with news flow from Gilead, Apple and Boeing, pushing stocks higher in the after-market. Volumes are hardly emphatic today, but the feel into the weekend is positive. We’ve seen China’s Q1 GDP come in at -6.8% YoY, slightly worse than the -6% expected, but this is considered old news for ther forward-looking markets.

As we can see the higher frequency data has shown some improvement from the February numbers, but there has been no limited reaction to the data.

US earnings

One aspect I have been focused on is US earnings and what the corporate’s are going to reveal. I have put some video’s together on the earnings season and why traders of all markets/instruments should be interested – You’ll find it here –

You’ll see the topics:

  • Introduction to US earnings season
  • How to master US earnings season with Pepperstone
  • 5 key focal points to look out for
  • What to expect from US earning season?
  • The road to earnings- the feel of the markets

Earnings pedigree:
This chart I complied may be of interest as well, as it shows the pedigree around earnings for some of the more influential names that I expect either to get real interest from clients or even move the broader market. If you’re a client and have a stock you want added, just reach out.

(Click to enlarge)

Webinar alert:

I will also be holding a webinar with the traders at FX Evolution on Wednesday at 7pm AEST in which we try and make sense of the market- The focus is:

 How to day trade forex with cross currency analysis’
:heavy_check_mark: LIVE cross-currency analysis and charting using the US Dollar Index
:heavy_check_mark: A dive into major currency pairs AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD and more
:heavy_check_mark: How to identify a trend bias and develop your system during times of volatility
:heavy_check_mark: Live Q&A with Pepperstone’s Head of Research Chris Weston and the FX Evolution team

Sign up for it here, but I hope it should give some good insights into the current state of play in the markets, with some trading education/strategy along the way –

Have a great weekend

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